Kyotango Kumihama Shotenkyo

A reservoir of seafood and produce - The northwesternmost region of Kyoto - Kyotango Kumihama Shotenkyo
Kumihama Shotenkyo has beaches for bathing, including Hakoishihama, Kazuranohama, Shotenkyohama, and Kamaihama. The Shotenkyo beach, chosen as one of the 88 best beaches in Japan, is a long beach of white sands and green pines. The shallow beach is a safe place for small children and inexperienced swimmers to enjoy the water.
You can enjoy fruit picking in the orchards in the autumn. It is also lovely to go for a quiet walk along the beach. The fish is fresh, naturally, so you can savor a delicious meal after a dip in the hot spring. Enjoy the winter flavors, including oyster and crab dishes unique to Shotenkyo, in one of the many ryokan and minshuku inns.
There are also inns with their own hot spring baths. You are welcome to visit Shotenkyo, a place where you can savor the seasons.

Where's Shotenkyo?

It is a scenic area in the northwest region of Kyoto Prefecture in Kumihama Town, Kyotango City.
The town came to be called Shotenkyo for its landscape sandwiched between the Sea of Japan and Kumihama Bay resembles Amanohashidate, and its beautiful coastline is designated as San'in Kaigan National Park.

What's in Shotenkyo?
Shotenkyo Beach

The town has bathing beaches (Hakoishihama, Kazuranohama, Kamaihama), including Shotenkyo Beach, which was selected as one of the 88 best bathing beaches in Japan, along its long beach with white sands and green pines, which attract visitors in the summer.
The old fishing town has many minshuku and ryokan inns serving fresh seafood visited by tourists across Japan in search of delicious food. The many historical shrines and temples in the town provide insight into history. Soothe away your everyday fatigue in the abundant, natural hot spring water.

What's famous in Shotenkyo?
Crab dish

We highly recommend the natural landscape of San'in Kaigan Geopark, which was made an official member of the Global UNESCO Network of Geoparks in October 2010.
The oysters farmed in Kumihama Bay are famous and can be enjoyed at inns and souvenir shops! Crab, the king of winter delicacies, can be enjoyed at inns as its season opens in November. Picking for fruit such as pears and grapes is a favorite autumn pastime. Natural hot springs can be enjoyed at inns and bathhouses.

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